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Maria de Lourdes


I am a bilingual writer born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico, currently residing in the state of Washington. I write novels, short stories and children’s books. I wrote my first novel, Los Hijos Del Mar (The children of the sea) because I wanted my sons to know their ancestry and to be proud of their heritage. The story, set during the late nineteenth century in México and in Spain, is based on the lives of my ancestors, the Victorias, who made a name for themselves in México’s pharmaceutical industry, and the Muguiras, Spanish immigrants who found success cultivating and trading coffee seeds. The novel weaves both families’ sagas into a shared destiny and their intertwined tales becomes, finally, the love story of my parents. Click here to read a chapter of Los Hijos del Mar.

My second novel, Más allá de la Justicia (Beyond Justice) is a farewell to my former profession as a litigator. Through the first-person narrative of my three characters, I bring my reader into the harsh world of our criminal justice system, the complex lives of the accused, and the people who work, relentlessly, in the pursuit of justice. While the novel is not a memoir, my work as a public defender influenced my writing, and the process became therapy, allowing me to understand how the experience had shaped me. Click here to preview Mas Alla De La Justicia

A number of literary journals have published my short stories. The theme that seems to permeate my prose in that genre is the struggle that Latinos face in the United States. My characters are often working women trying to survive in a country that is not their own. The inspiration for the stories often comes from the people I try to help in my current work as a mediator.

I particularly enjoy writing for children. I find the process uplifting, and a good source of balance, especially when the substance of my adult work is often dark, and daunting. The more I explore and learn about this genre, the more it calls to me, especially when I am around my grandchildren, who are my best, and most devoted audience.

Autumn Walks

Yesterday I took a break from writing and I went out for a hike with my friend and my dog. The fall around here is SO beautiful, that it is almost a sin not to be outside. I love the smell of pinecones and hearths burning somewhere near by; the trees bursting with bright shades of yellows, reds, oranges and greens; the mountain peaks capped with snow and the air as crisp as a Fuji apple.

My friend and I walked through the forest under cascading leaves. We saw chipmunk, buck deer, squirrels and many birds. She can name them all. She used to live in Alaska, which is one of the reasons I like to hike with her. She also knows what to do about cougars and bears. I can’t trust my dog. He hides behind me when confronted, even by Chihuahuas.

Its funny how we come to love our lives no matter what. At least that is true for me. For years I wished I lived somewhere else. Somewhere where it didn’t rain for nine months straight. Somewhere warm, by the sea. I dreamt of my feet sinking in the wet sand, my body sprayed by crashing waves and mango juice dripping down my elbows. I wanted the sun. The warmth. The sea.

But that was before I had grandchildren. Now all the warmth I need comes from their chubby little arms around my neck. The only light I crave is their toothless smiles. In their blue eyes I find the sea. Now all I want is to live somewhere near them, wherever that may be, and even if it rains.

Someday I will take my grandchildren out on a long hike of trails caked with leaves. I can just see us now: my friend and I, and our small crew of backpackers, ringing bells as we hike, to scare the bear away, and yes, an old dog trailing behind us. I hope that day comes later rather than sooner. Today we are having fun gathering acorns and maple leaves, right here in my front yard.

Tell me, my dear reader, where do you want to live? 


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