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Maria de Lourdes


I am a bilingual writer born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico, currently residing in the state of Washington. I write novels, short stories and children’s books. I wrote my first novel, Los Hijos Del Mar (The children of the sea) because I wanted my sons to know their ancestry and to be proud of their heritage. The story, set during the late nineteenth century in México and in Spain, is based on the lives of my ancestors, the Victorias, who made a name for themselves in México’s pharmaceutical industry, and the Muguiras, Spanish immigrants who found success cultivating and trading coffee seeds. The novel weaves both families’ sagas into a shared destiny and their intertwined tales becomes, finally, the love story of my parents. Click here to read a chapter of Los Hijos del Mar.

My second novel, Más allá de la Justicia (Beyond Justice) is a farewell to my former profession as a litigator. Through the first-person narrative of my three characters, I bring my reader into the harsh world of our criminal justice system, the complex lives of the accused, and the people who work, relentlessly, in the pursuit of justice. While the novel is not a memoir, my work as a public defender influenced my writing, and the process became therapy, allowing me to understand how the experience had shaped me. Click here to preview Mas Alla De La Justicia

A number of literary journals have published my short stories. The theme that seems to permeate my prose in that genre is the struggle that Latinos face in the United States. My characters are often working women trying to survive in a country that is not their own. The inspiration for the stories often comes from the people I try to help in my current work as a mediator.

I particularly enjoy writing for children. I find the process uplifting, and a good source of balance, especially when the substance of my adult work is often dark, and daunting. The more I explore and learn about this genre, the more it calls to me, especially when I am around my grandchildren, who are my best, and most devoted audience.

Leyend: El Pico de Orizba

It is said that many centuries ago, in the heyday of the Olmecs (which is considered the first Mesoamerican civilization), lived a great warrior named Nahuani.

This beautiful woman was accompanied at every moment by her dear friend and companion, Ahuilizapan, whose name means "Orizaba" and who was a beautiful osprey.

One day, Nahuani was defeated in one of the toughest battles she faced and Ahuilizapan, striken with sorrow, rose to the top of the sky and dropped to the ground. A mountain gradually formed in the place where she fell, and over time it grew into a big volcano.

Ahuilizapan’s pain lasted through the centuries, and after so many hundreds of years whenever she remembered what happened to Nahuani, her fury exploted, causing immense eruptions of the volcano during the course of time.

Since then, the villagers of they nearby towns have had to climb to the top of the volcano to worship Nahuani, the eternal friend of Orizaba to control her anger.

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