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Maria de Lourdes


I am a bilingual writer born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico, currently residing in the state of Washington. I write novels, short stories and children’s books. I wrote my first novel, Los Hijos Del Mar (The children of the sea) because I wanted my sons to know their ancestry and to be proud of their heritage. The story, set during the late nineteenth century in México and in Spain, is based on the lives of my ancestors, the Victorias, who made a name for themselves in México’s pharmaceutical industry, and the Muguiras, Spanish immigrants who found success cultivating and trading coffee seeds. The novel weaves both families’ sagas into a shared destiny and their intertwined tales becomes, finally, the love story of my parents. Click here to read a chapter of Los Hijos del Mar.

My second novel, Más allá de la Justicia (Beyond Justice) is a farewell to my former profession as a litigator. Through the first-person narrative of my three characters, I bring my reader into the harsh world of our criminal justice system, the complex lives of the accused, and the people who work, relentlessly, in the pursuit of justice. While the novel is not a memoir, my work as a public defender influenced my writing, and the process became therapy, allowing me to understand how the experience had shaped me. Click here to preview Mas Alla De La Justicia

A number of literary journals have published my short stories. The theme that seems to permeate my prose in that genre is the struggle that Latinos face in the United States. My characters are often working women trying to survive in a country that is not their own. The inspiration for the stories often comes from the people I try to help in my current work as a mediator.

I particularly enjoy writing for children. I find the process uplifting, and a good source of balance, especially when the substance of my adult work is often dark, and daunting. The more I explore and learn about this genre, the more it calls to me, especially when I am around my grandchildren, who are my best, and most devoted audience.

The stain on the carpet

 Diego and his brother Santi

Diego and his brother Santi

By Diego Rodriguez - (12 years old)

The Phillips family lived in the United States. The members of the family were the father, John Phillips , the mother, Jennifer Phillips, young Matthew, his brother Peter and his sister Kristin. They lived in a very small town outside of San Francisco in a very nice home.

One day, the father learned that he had been transferred to Canada. The news saddened him for he did not want to move. He also did not want his children to find out, so he decided to tell only his wife Jennifer. As luck would have it, Matthew overheard his parent's conversation when he went to get a glass of milk. Upset, he ran to tell his his brother and sister.

The next day, the parents packed all the family belongings. The children wondered what was going on, but their parents told them they would explain everything to them in the car. On the way to the airport, John finally explained that he had been transferred to Canada but that they had nothing to worry about, because the company he worked for had promised him a beautiful, big house where they would surely be happy. As he finished his sentence, suddenly something crashed into the window of the car. Luckily it was only a small stone, but still the incident left them rattled.

They arrived at the airport and boarded the plane to Canada. Later they arrived at the house and, what a nice house it was! It had three large bedrooms, a spacious dining room, and a breakfast nook in the kitchen. There was also a large indoor, heated pool, and a beautiful garden. As they toured the house something drew their attention. It was the only flaw and it was a huge stain on the floor, on the carpet in the living room.

“No wonder my boss said the house would need to be cleaned,” said John.

The mother went to the neighbor's house and, after introducing herself, asked to borrow a little detergent because they still had not bought any supplies.

When the neighbor learned why she needed the soap, she immediately told Jennifer that it was rumored the previous family had been involved in a murder, and that the big stain on the carpet was probably blood. Jennifer became very concerned, and after realting the information to John, they decided it was best to call the police and not to wash the stain. They called the police numerous times but all in vain; the officers listened politely but they never came to the house to investigate.

Each member of the family made their own stories to explain the stain on the carpet. John believed that a group of gangsters had killed all the members of the family; Jennifer thought that only the mother had been killed; Matthew and Peter were sure that  someone had killed the family’s dog, and Kristin thought that the daughter of the family had committed suicide because nobody understood her.

The days went by and they continued to hear strange noises at night, but they told themselves that it was just the neighbors who always went to bed very late.

After a few days they could no longer stand it; they thought something was very wrong and they were tired of living with fear. Every time they walked by the living room, they had to step over the stain. The children had nightmares and could not sleep.

They went to the police station to file their complaint. They stood in a long line and when they finally talked to the police officer they told him everything that happened. They explained that there was a stain on the floor of his house and that it was rumored that there had been a murder, or so the neighbors had told them. The police said they would investigate. John asked him to go to the house so he could see the stain for himself.

The officer finally agreed to come by the house, but he said it with a tone of sarcasm. The family went back home. They sat in the living room near the spot, looked very intently and then everyone went about their business. Matthew and Peter talked all night but neither believed the police would come because of the sarcastic tone in the officer’s voice.

The next morning, Peter had breakfast very early and asked his mom when the police would came. Jennifer said she did not know and commented that the police had not been very responsive to the situation.

After a few days , the police finally sent a message saying that they would go to the house to see what happened with that mysterious stain in the Phillips’s house. When they arrived, they went straight to where the stain was, carrying a lot of equipment, like they do in the movies. They took samples and pictures of everything to run some tests, and informed the family that they would have to wait for the results of their investigation.

A day later the officer called John to tell him that they finally had an aswer to the mystery, but that he could not relate the information over the phone.

Early the next day the family went to the station. They were very nervous and had not slept thinking about the murder. They walked into a small room where the policeman told them they had the results of their investigation. The results showed that a married couple had lived in that house before them, with their two children, and that on a dark, winter afternoon, they had a big fight. During the fight the wife had through a big bowl of spaghetti ‘alla bolognese’ right at the husband's head. The great red spot on the carpet was…yes, spaghetti sauce!

About the author:

Diego was born on May 4, 2002 in the harbor. He is a Taurus. He is in sixth grade. Diego is a soccer player since age three. He enjoys music but prefers a good meal! He admires athletes such as Leonel Messi (soccer player), Usain Bolt (sprinter) and Rafael Nadal (tennis player). He adores his grandmother and he loves to travel. 

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